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Elaine's End of Summer Blog

3 Sep 2019
Elaine's End of Summer Blog

End of Summer -blog

 Hi everyone. The end of the summer holidays is not something anyone looks forward to, unless you’re a mum.  Waiting for that day when the children have finally got their school uniform on and are out that door for the first day back to school. 

 Although summer is officially considered to be over in September, as most of the holidaymakers head for home.  For those of us who reside here is isn’t.  The rest of the year we can still wake up to beautiful sunny, blue skies.  You can stroll along the now almost deserted beaches.  Dip your toes into the sea or swim in the gentle waves lapping the beach.Go into town sit and linger in your favourite coffee bar. Buying a property either as a permanent residence or a holiday home allows you the luxury of experiencing the real Spanish way of life.  We still have people coming and going all year it’s just a little quieter.  Lots still go on here ‘out of season’ there are still Fiestas that you would have missed if you are only here on holiday for a couple of weeks.  The roads are less busy, not that they are ever UK style busy. Everything and everybody is more relaxed.  The weather is, as we have found, sunny and still warm right until the end of November.  -  although we did have a week in October last year that was cool and with rain then it changed back to being sunny ‘holiday’ weather.  Obviously it does get a little cooler,  -  more so, in the North the South always seems that much warmer all year round  -   especially in the evenings and January and February can be rainy on and off and a little chilly. This is the time to be adventurous and explore Spain.  Whether it be local or venturing out further to a completely different area.  We are so central in the Costa Blanca to both Alicante and Valencia.  In the South Cartagena is not too far away.  In the North we have the Jalon and lovely little hidden villages to find. Restaurants serving lots of lovely tapas.  Sample the local cuisine, get tucked into hearty stews and mouth watering roasted meat dishes.  The lovely little vineyards where you can sample plenty of good Spanish wine. There is so much to do and see and people to meet.  If you decide to buy a villa, apartment or a house here you will not be disappointed.  Your way of life will be transformed.  The Spanish way is not hurried, its laid back.  Time is taken to enjoy everything.  Sitting on your terrace or balcony watching the world go by it makes you appreciate the simple things.  The world is so rushed.  Everyone is so busy, not here.  It can be frustrating when we are so used to everything being done at speed but once you slow down, and it does take time to adjust you will realise that life is to be enjoyed and as long as, if, you do have a problem, and it is not serious and you can get by it will be resolved without you being stressed.  Everything gets sorted eventually. 

To be able to purchase a villa or apartment here and escape to your beautiful holiday home or, maybe you are thinking of living here forever, will give you that stress free life style that is what we all should be striving for.  We hope we can help in your search.