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13 Nov 2019

Moving abroad can be exciting but at the same time represents a big change in your life and a bunch of unanswered questions come to your mind.

In this article I point to the “Top 10 Reasons why People Love Moraira”.

Do you picture yourself living here?


Most people I have asked have pointed to the mild climate of Moraira as the no1 reason for living in our beautiful town. 

Experts from the World Health Organization have declared Moraira has having a unique microclimateand is one of the most healthy and favourable in the world!

Enjoying an average temperature of 18º and more than 2.800 hours of guaranteed Sunshine a year. - the Sun turns your mood in to a positive one!


The cost of living in Moraira is 18.2% lower than in the UK and main European cities, according to the world’s largest database of information on the cost of living.

The average UK pensioner can enjoy a superb quality of life and live the desired golden retirement you have been dreaming of!

Ask anyone who lives here the difference in reduced costs and savings that can be made. As an example: 1 kilo of oranges in the UK cost approx. £1.11, while here can be found in the streets markets for approx. €0.79.


Relax, we take care of you and yours! Spain and in particular our area offers a great quality of life with low crime rates and non-polluted fresh air. 

We are ranked second as the safest country in the EU.

Moraira public school is open to families of expatriates, and there are two private International Schools nearby.

Regarding the Health System, Moraira has a clinic which serves residents as well as expats. 

The main hospital is located in Denia, only 25 minutes drive. 



Our gastronomy is rich in flavours and internationally recognised as one of the healthiest in the world.

There are many local recipes that will spoil your appetite.   You will be very surprised!

From the popular Paella with all its different varieties it is the very best kept secret of the local people.  

Fresh fish and seafood recipes that for sure will make you feel special!

Eating out in Moraira is affordable, and big part of our culture. Don’t forget our weather cries out to socialise and share good times with family and friends.


Many of my clients say Moraira is the little Saint-Tropez of the Costa Blanca, that says it all, doesn’t it?

Something we take for granted living in Moraira is that, it is one of the few towns along the Spanish coast, which has been not been spoilt by overbuilding. There are no high buildings in our town. Thank Goodness!.... therefore our residents choose to live in a beautiful small town where they are surrounded by mountains and the sea and Moraira is considered to be ‘The Place to Live’

If you are looking for a typical Spanish resort with Nightlife, then Moraira is not for you. 

Our clients choose Moraira because of its tranquility and our main focus is to keep it that way.



We are very privileged to be working with International clients. 

We have a clientele that know the value of investing their money into property and how hard is to earn that capital. We are very aware of that! We are always looking for our clients to achieve total satisfaction when purchasing a property, making sure they acquire only the very best.

We can not offer everything but, for us ethics come first  If we consider something is not good enough for us then it will not be enough good for you. We couldn’t be more crystal clear. 

Moraira is one of the top areas to invest your capital.  Property here has always held its value due to demand of clients wanting to live in Moraira. There are so many reason why people want to be here, these are a few of the basics:

  • Well kept and not overdeveloped. Probably one of the most important factors, from my point of view, is that building in Moraira is limited. There is no excess of land for sale, unlike our neighbouring towns, and that’s a key factor when thinking about investment. There is more demand than product…

  • Moraira has an exclusive status, thanks to the non-aggressive development strategy . Not allowing the building of tall apartment blocks, which attracts a clientele that wants to reside in a peaceful town and that also encourages a different type of tourist wanting a quiet, restful holiday.


Many expat residents keep falling in love with Moraira. The local people are warm, friendly and very welcoming to everyone who comes. Their hospitality, their family appointed culture and easy-going way of living are very attractive to everyone. 


After a nice lunch, what better than a Siesta'.... The siesta is probably one of the most famous aspects of Spanish life. 

There are several good reasons to take a siesta: 

Enjoy a long lunch, avoid mid-day heat and have a healthy afternoon.

The siesta time consists of a short period of time, usually between 15-30 minutes, and experts recommend it as helps with digestion, and will lift your mood!



Let’s face it, we love traditions and fiestas as forms part of our life-style and culture.

Colourful and effervescent, Moraira-Teulada fiestas and traditions are an explosion of happiness.  A great way to meet local people or expats from all countries in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Just to point a few: Probably the most popular amongst the tourists is the “Moors and Christians” in June.

Also the festivities of San Vicent Ferrer Teuladas patron, which takes place in April.

In July The Festivities of the Patron Saints of Moraira Mare de Deu del Desamparats.

The Moscatell Festival is becoming popular and takes place in August in Teulada Old Town.

Moscatell is a sweet wine, the grapes for this wine are grown locally.


Many Airlines in the UK and main cities in EU offer direct flights on a daily basis to Alicante and Valencia airports at affordable prices. Some UK flights during the low season can be as little as £ 25pp one way

 A direct flight from London to Alicante airport only takes 2 and a half hours.

 The main route to Moraira is by car, bus or train.  Car hire is available from the airport. Buses are directly from the airport.  For train travel, a local bus to Benidorm then a train.

I trust this blog entry has been a useful resource providing you with an accurate impression about living in Moraira. 

I’m always available for a friendly informal chat to share my living in Moraira experience with you!


The 79 Estates Team!