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New Build Villas for sale in Moraira - Costa Blanca

1 May 2020
construction and builders in moraira

79estates offers a hand picked selection of new build properties in the best areas of Moraira, We only work with established and reputable developers and builders in Moraira, to ensure a stress free buying process and to guarantee our client the optimal qualities, building process and materials.

All the projects and new build villas for sale in Moraira presented by us have a 10 year building guarantee against structural problems, according the Law 38/1999, 5 of November for Building Management.

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Why buying a new build villa in Moraira?

A new build villa has many advantages like a 10 year building guarantee,are built using the latest building techniques or just because they are more energy efficient.

What style of New Build Villas in Moraira are available?

The most popular is the contemporary or modern style but there are also others, like traditional, neo-classic or ibiza styles.

Buy a New Build Villa for sale in Moraira Spain

We will be at your side every step of the way, providing reliable information, weekly reports and by installing several video cameras so you can view at any time from your computer or smart phone what's happening in real time.

Luxury New Build Villas for sale in Moraira
Luxury New Build Villas and Properties in Moraira

Our years of experience, enthusiasm, dept knowledge, resources and extensive expertise are the best guarantee to our valued client.

At 79estates we understand buying a property overseas means a huge investment and many unanswered questions, Is the builder a good one? Is all the paperwork in order? Will the builder complete in time? and so on...

Recommendations when buying a New Build Villa for sale in Moraira

- Visit a couple of recently built villas in Moraira, developed by the builder to see and appreciate the quality, attention to detail and type of fittings.

- Always use a experienced and reputable local Estate Agent in Moraira with years of expertise in dealing with developers and builders, as mentioned previously we have already filtered and qualified the builders we do work with.

- Use the services of a local lawyer specialized in planning law.

- Do not leave room for misunderstandings in the contract and quality report, make sure every point is clear and specifies the materials which have to be used... The help of your Lawyer and Estate Agent in Moraira will be a great resource to help achieve this point.

- Install a copule of video cameras in the building site (some builders already provide that service) to control and watch from your home or smart phone what's happening during the construction process.

- Hire the services of an independent technical architect (which has nothing to do with the builder), that way you will ensure every single material, fitting or building technique will be done accordingly to the project. The independent technical architect will visit the building site twice a week and make pictures and generate a report.

- Ask for the building stages certificates and pay only when every stage has been done and not before. Your independent technical architect will be able to check every step and give you instructions to go ahead or hold for the payment.

- Add a penalty clause in the contract to ensure the build is finished in time, that way the builder will make sure your brand new villa in Moraira will be ready in time, otherwise he will have to compensate by paying a daily fee.

Licences, Project and Legal Searches when Purchasing a New Build Property in Moraira Costa Blanca

projects for new build villas in moraira

Projects for New Buid Villas in Moraira

The projects displayed on our website have already been drawn by architects that understand the planing law for the area and approved by Moraira Town Hall, which means they fulfit with the local building regulations and are or will be built on a fully legal building plot. Nevertheless and for your peace of mind your lawyer will ask for all documentation and carry on special searches to ensure all is according to the law and local regulations.

Our latest Technology at your service when building a villa in Moraira

At 79estates we have an in-house 3D Virtual Tour Camera which we will put at your disposal during the process of building your villa in Moraira, twice a month we will create a video like the one below, so that you can be see the actual process of your villa in Moraira and have relevant information on the material, fittings and building techniques used during the process:

At 79estates we have the best selection of New Build Villas for sale in Moraira, ready for you! Enjoy it and get in touch with us for any further information, we will be very happy to assits you.

projects for new build villas in moraira

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