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Summer Blog 2020

19 Aug 2020
Summer Blog 2020

Hi everyone Well it certainly hasn’t been the year I’m sure that any of us expected. Life pretty much came to a standstill in Spain as I guess most of you know through media reports.  Although the UK (along with rest of the world) also went into lockdown  -  and again only from what we’ve seen on news reports and reading in the press  -  the Spanish lockdown was much tighter than most other countries except perhaps Italy.   

At 79Estates Moraira on the Costa Blanca we, as everyone have been getting back to work in our offices in Moraira Costa Blanca North and also in Villamartin, Costa Blanca South.  The bars and restaurants were allowed to be open before the general offices in Spain but it seems now we are getting back to a ‘normal’  -   if that is what it can be called  -  way of life.  Tourists are coming back, lots of property enquiries for 79e Moraira in both the Costa Blanca North and South and although things are still a bit wobbly for us all we have to be positive.

The interest that 79e Moraira has been receiving from clients is that there is a strong urge to buy a property. The phase we have been hearing frequently is that ‘Life is too Short’ and that if you are of an age (maybe thinking of retirement) or your job and family life permits then go ahead and make your dream a reality.  Purchase the villa, apartment whatever property you desire that you feel will make your life complete.  Who would blame you? Don’t feel guilty about the family its likely that you will probably see more of them when you have a house in the sun than you would if you all lived in the same country.  

The enthusiasm from clients we have spoken to wanting to purchase with 79e, not just viewing but wanting to start the process of buying a property is for us, as exciting as it is for them.  For 79e to be able to be involved in such a big commitment for most families is a massive compliment for us. Although there is, as always properties on the market, during July and August a great deal of home owners will rent their property out. We always feel the best time for your search to actually take the time to come over to Moraira Costa Blanca North or to the Costa Banca South is between September to June.  Obviously if you fancy a little holiday before and just want to have a look around generally at various areas on the Costa Blanca then, 79e Moraira are very happy to accompany you to anywhere you wish to visit. There could also be a property available you may fall in love with on your first trip. 

If you are still not too keen on eating out although the restaurants in Moraira Costa Blanca North are now very busy and also in the Costa Blanca South. Everyone is adhering to the wearing of masks and keeping a distance.  Take a walk through Moraira town, sit by the sea, have your own little barbecue just for two or a family get together at your villa. Sitting in your garden at your villa or on your terrace at your apartment sipping a lovely G & T or an iced cold beer, enjoy life. Even without the fiestas which we know everyone is missing people are still loving living on the Costa Blanca.  We are so lucky we have continuous sun.  We are not stuck inside all our living the Costa Blanca is outdoors. 

Whatever your preference the beautiful coastline stretches all the way along from the North to the South of the Costa Blanca and 79e has offices in both Moraira and Los Dolses, Villamartin.  Life is good on the Costa Blanca come and join us. Make that move to a better way of life. You won’t regret it.  We look forward to hearing from you     

Elaine Briant - Partner