Buying a property with 79 estates

Hello welcome to 79estates your Real Estate Agent in Spain

Our friendly and experienced Sales Team are here to guide, assist and advise you in your search for your perfect property in the Costa Blanca & Murcia.

This is obviously going to be an exciting time for you and your family and also a big financial commitment on your part. We are here to reassure you that 79estates - Real Estate Agent will be available to give you all the support and guidance you need to help you through the process of Buying a property in Spain.

During your search be forward thinking. Think how this property will serve you in years to come. For example for many people its exciting to own your own pool which is lovely on a boiling hot day but, consider the maintenance if you are not here all year round. Possibly a lovely villa or an apartment with shared amenities could be better for you. Then, going forward if you are considering spending longer in Spain think about a private pool. There are so many things to consider. We want you to purchase the best property you can. Affordable, comfortable, somewhere you will still be excited to come back to year after year.

When you have found the perfect property, our Lawyers will engage in a complete ‘Property Check‘.

  • No Outstanding Debts
  • The Legal Status of the Property
  • Granted correct planning permission and Licences for any improvements made to the property over time.

Engaging a Solicitor (Abogado)

Finding the right Solicitor is essential. Communication is vital should you be abroad during the buying of your property to need to be able to communicate easily and clearly with your Solicitor, albeit by phone or email. We are in contact with excellent Solicitors who we know to be reliable and trustworthy and who have been recommended by previous clients of 79estates. Suppose you cannot be here in Spain during any of the legal procedures of your purchase. In that case, you can grant ‘Power of Attorney’ to your chosen Solicitor during the process and ask him to return the ‘Power of Attorney when your purchase is complete.

Before buying a property, you will need to obtain an NIE number (Numero de Identification de Extranjeros) which means you are registered with the Spanish Tax Authorities. Your Solicitor will be able to explain any tax implications to you.

We can introduce you to companies that will be invaluable to you during your purchase.

A Currency Company… can be costly when transferring money from sterling into euros. Currency Companies can give you massive savings compared to using a bank.

A leading Mortgage Company is available should you need their services.

Signing the Private Contract

This is a legally binding contract between yourself and the vendor. The 10% deposit will be payable from you to the vendor. If you break this contract, you will lose 10%. If the vendor fails the contract, they are liable by law to pay you to double the deposit amount as compensation unless there is a clause in the contract that disputes this. Your Solicitor must read any contracts before you sign.

Signing the Title Deeds

Will sign title deeds at the Notary. You should attend in person along with your Solicitor - unless you cannot attend and your Solicitor has ‘Power of Attorney’ - your agent, the vendors, and their Solicitor will also be present. Once the Titled Deed has been signed, and the final payment is made, you will receive the keys to your new property. Your Solicitor will explain how the deeds are held if you have a mortgage on the property.

The Land Registry

Once the Title Deeds are signed, the property is registered with The Land Registry. The utility companies will now have to be informed of a change of ownership. Your Solicitor will typically take care of this for you.

Completing your Purchase

You will now have to settle any outstanding bills through your Solicitor. You will receive the original invoice for the Notary Fees, the Land Registry, and any taxes you have paid. Keep any invoices, receipts, documents, and any guarantees you may receive.