Christmas in Moraira

Christmas in Moraira
19 Dec 2019

We all love Christmas it’s such a magical day for most people.  A time when families get together, remembering good, happy times. Children dreaming of Santa bringing presents its a lovely time.   Not everybody wants to be involved in a big Christmas some people would just prefer to celebrate the one day.  In Moraira thats’ what happens. Christmas Day is for eating out in a lovely restaurant, resting and just enjoying company.  It doesn’t matter if you are alone or are a family you will be made very welcome wherever you go. Usually Christmas Day weather is sunny, bright and I have to say last year not even chilly.  One great tradition is to be on Portet Beach on Christmas morning it is the place to be and be seen, it’s a hive of activity. Go early if you want to put your towel down.  People arrive with hampers of food, champagne and wearing Santa hats. If the weather is fine most will go into the sea for a swim before packing up to go for a big Christmas lunch in a restaurant.  Boxing Day is not celebrated as a holiday so most companies are back to work the day after Christmas Day. Spanish families will exchange gifts on Christmas Day they also keep some for another big day the ‘Day of the Three Kings’ on 6th January.  Children receive presents on this day too.

Its also time for another great fiesta. The Kings visit every town arriving on a float bearing gifts. So wonderful to see.  

Moraira will be decked out with lights from the middle of November much like the UK.  Every little back street and through the centre of town will be lit up. It is so pretty everywhere.  Shops, restaurants wherever you look twinkly lights that is Christmas.  During the evenings strolling through town looking across the coastline from one end of Moraira to the other is just a sea of magical fairy lights. The best thing is no crowds. You can just browse the little shops, take lunch or coffee, take your time.  No crowded transport, no Christmas rush here. You can relax and enjoy the ‘run up’ to Christmas.  If you have family arriving you will not be stressed but calm and relaxed looking forward to spending time with them. Not tired and irritable because you’ve spent weeks battling supermarkets, shoppings malls and high streets or waiting nail biting days wondering if your internet order is going to arrive.   

The Moraira/Teulada Christmas Market is fabulous.  Local produce, wine and gifts usually handmade can all be bought here. Such a lovely day out just to mingle with local people and expats from all European countries and enjoy our way of life here.