Testimonials 79 estates


My wife contacted various estate agents in/around La Zenia, and 79estates was one of them. She was heading to La Zenia in October 2019 and was planning to visit as many properties as possible in the 4 days before I was due to arrive. Tim was the third and final estate agent she met. He showed my wife a few properties and she loved how much more relaxed Tim's' approach was to showing the houses. My wife then had to sift through ALL the properties she had been shown before my arrival, but it was made much easier by the excellent communication from Tim and the massive help he had been throughout the viewing process. We purchased a house with 79estates and, what we thought would be a long drawn out process, was REALLY not thanks to Tim. His contacts, his efficient answering of all our queries, the ease of second and third viewings without any grumblings and being taken to all the necessary professionals offices, made it all a pretty pleasant experience. Nothing was too much trouble for Tim and I honestly think without Tim we would STILL be looking for our much dreamed about holiday home. We really cannot thank him enough.