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Elaine’s Blog - Javea (Xabia)

28 Jun 2019
Elaine’s Blog - Javea (Xabia)

My last Blog….which in fact was my first Blog for 79Estates was about Moraira which was pretty easy as I live here. I hope some of you managed to get to Moraira and see the Moors and Christians Pagent.  If not, as I said before, it happens in all the towns and villas across the whole of the Costa Blanca. 

So we are now moving along the coast.  My next stop will be Javea (Xabia).  Towering over Javea on one side and Denia on the other is the breathing taking and imposing Mongo Mountain. Now Javea is completely different to Moraira so different. Javea is sort of split in my mind, into three main areas. Although, it seems such a big town it doesn’t feel like as town because it is so diverse.  Firstly we’ll start at the Playa  L’Arenal - the beach to you and me.  I have to say the Playa is pretty impressive long and wide.  Even, when packed in the height of the summer season there is always room for everyone. Surrounded by shops and restaurants. Unroll your beach towel no need to move anywhere else everything you need is here.  So many people buy permanent homes here as the beach is literally surrounded by apartments and a little further back villas.  What more could you want than on a sunny winters day than to stroll along the beach front without the holiday makers around and still be within walking distance of your lovely home.   Although still busy with residents it has a lovely tranquil feeling during the ‘winter months’.  You can dine in one of the lovely restaurants on the beach front and sit and watch the waves lapping onto the beach or on a real winters day,  - which to be honest are quite few and far between here - watch the waves crashing on to the shore, very dramatic and exciting. If you feel energetic walk from the Playa to the port keeping the beach to your right or, you can walk on the beach although this side is a stoney beach.  Dramatic craggy rocks have been carved out by the sea over decades. Directly opposite this beach are beautiful villas most of which have been here for a long time. Some are carved out of the local Tosca Stone which, I now understand has stopped being used for building work as it has been used up over time. Should you be lucky enough to own one of these properties then I envy you, or even an apartment along this road as there are plenty here.  There are also fabulous apartments and villas in the adjacent roads leading into this area. You only have to cross the road and you are in front of the sea.  As you walk towards the port you will see the impressive villas built into the mountain in front of you. Reaching the port you will find lots of little restaurants on the sea front and behind this area plenty of shops to browse. The port has its own fish market arena (as do all the ports along the Costa Blanca ) where you can see the catch come in by boat and watch as the local restaurants bid for the fish.  Buy for yourself from the fishmonger outside for your evening barbecue.  A few of the restaurants are built right into the sea on stilts so you can enjoy your lunch and watch the swimmers pass by or little boats in the distance. The port is a lovely area to live and although busy with lots of apartments here it doesn’t feel crowded. It’s a such an interesting place to be.  It has a more more relaxed feeling than the Playa. Just the place to unwind with a G & T or a long cold drink on a balmy summer evening.  It is such a popular place to live or own a holiday home. Anybody who is looking for a property here or has bought in Javea have fallen in love with it because there are so many different places to go to and see you will never be bored.  Moving ‘inland’ I would say literally 10 minutes in the car from the port. You will find the Old Town.  To me this is Spain.  The little cobbled streets, that in fiesta times (and they have a lot of fiestas here) are decked out with flags and bunting throughout this area. The old town houses with beautiful massive solid wooden doors and shutters. These houses are owned not only by the local Spanish but by Europeans who have bought and renovated.  The little wrought iron balconies overflowing with pots of beautiful coloured flowers.  The wonderful 500 year old Sant Bartomeu church that dominates the local square which is surround by tiny little cafes, restaurants and shops. There is a English cinema you can watch a new film you might want to see.  You can get lost for hours here wandering around admiring the architecture of these old buildings.  I love this part of Javea. I would love to buy and own one of the townhouses.  You could too especially if you want to live in Javea on a permanent basis. Maybe the Playa or the port would be more your style.  Whatever you choose to buy or whichever part of Javea you prefer to live in you will make a wonderful choice of town to live in on the Costa Blanca.


  Elaine Briant - Partner